Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Between Bitter Rebellion & Beaten Resignation / Lloyd

"No man [woman] ever lived his [her] life exactly as he [she] planned it. There are things that all of us want that we don't get. There are plans that all of us make that never move beyond the hopes of our hearts. There are reverses which upset our fondest dreams. There are many things in life beyond the present power of anyone to alter or to answer or to understand. And what we cannot understand we shall have to accept on faith until we do understand. In any case, rebellion isn't the answer. But neither is hopeless resignation. Resignation may retreat too far, but somewhere between bitter rebellion and beaten resignation there is an effective fighting ground where a man [woman] can make the most of whatever is. Where he [she] can still face each day and do with it whatever can be done." (Richard L. Evans, quoted by Lloyd K. Newal during lecture at Aspen Grove Family Camp, 4 June 2009)

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