Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At Aspen Grove #2; Out And About / Judy

I've had fits trying to get these pictures on the blog, so I hope I'm on my way now. Of course I still can't write between the pictures so I'll just have to show them then say what they are. First one shows Peter at the end of a busy day. Next is Teri's daughter, Gracie I think, holding MaryRuth's Rachel,the newest cousin. Third is Jen and Uche with Grandpa. Fourth is Lloyd holding Luke, I think, talking to Tony. Fifth is a rare moment of leisure between activities. Then finally, Christopher and Jonathan riding things.


  1. Fun pictures, Mom. And you did a good job posting them.

  2. i need to watch you blog some time so i can figure out why you can't write between pictures. but anyway, fun pictures. my boys are already asking when we can go back to aspen grove.


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