Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving in the Midst of Family / Judy

thanksgiving day
with extended family and pie

Of course Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had 20 people here--9 adults, including my brother, Michael, the Andersons and the Kleinmans, and 11 kids, if you can include Christopher and Jonathan as kids (we always have them sit at the big people's table). Lloyd had to go to work in the middle of the afternoon (bummer) and it was really hard for him to leave. Why would anyone want to leave the center of all wonderfulness--family and pie.

ben considers cal berkeley

The first part of the week Ben drove up to Berkeley because he's applying to go there next year. The program here at PCPA is a two-year program, so to get a BA, he has to go somewhere else. He's applying to BYU, Berkeley, and Irvine. I guess he really enjoyed his trip and almost as soon as he got there he found a booth that the LDS Institute kids had and they immediately invited him to a dinner and class that night. He says after meeting them he can totally see himself there.

from feast to emergency

Does everyone know that Costco has an emergency food bucket? It costs about $85 and has over 270 meals in it. Our Costco had some here but they sold out so I looked for it online and it's available there. I think that's a good idea.

from salt lake city to buy a motorcycle
- it’s all family

Last night Marty and Chad showed up, always fun. They are here to buy a motorcycle and will stay another night before heading back to Salt Lake. Fortunately Michael left for a few days so we had beds available for them.

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