Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another movie analysis - Kung Fu Panda / Judy

Yesterday I watched "Kung Fu Panda" in the afternoon -- the DVD was due back that day, so I had to. It wasn't as fun as watching it in the theater, so to keep from being bored, I did the analysis I told you about earlier in Scriptwriting - Pacing a Movie Script. Since the whole movie was a little less than 90 min., all the steps took place a little sooner, but they were still there. (Spoiler alert)

catalyst at 10 min

Occurs early at 8 min. with the proclamation to the whole valley that Oogway is about to choose the Dragon Warrior and they could all come watch.

new twist at 45 min

We learn that the villain, Tai Lung, is actually the adopted son of Master Shifu and has been trained by the Master himself.

reversal at 60 mins

After Shifu has been training Po with food, and Po finally says, "I'm not hungry." Also, up to that point, Po kept denying that he was the Dragon Warrior but after this realizes he is.

climax at 90 min

A long fight scene at the end of the movie.


I find I only think about this sort of thing when I'm not that interested in the movie itself, and it adds to the enjoyment. But now here’s another example of structuring the script


  1. I watched Kung Fu Panda. I also watched The Secrets of the Furious Five. Then I took a little quiz. I choose the first one on the the list for each question. And then I found out what Kung Fu stlye I am--Viper. Tim was Po. Andrew was Tigress. Hannah was Tigress, too. I don't remember what Allison was.

  2. My kids loved "Kung Fu Panda." Their favorite line, which they repeat daily, is "Don't tell Monkey." They think it's hilarious; I'm not sure why.


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