Monday, November 17, 2008

Fires, Red Lobster, Ben & White Chirstmas / Judy

gratitude that our fire was only itty bitty

Turns out the fire we had on our hillside last week was just a baby compared to what's happening south of here. Ours only burned 60 acres and although some of the uppermost streets were evacuated, no homes were harmed. It started with a spark from a PG&E power line up there.Things are still very dry here because the rains haven't come yet. We've had one small sprinkle time, but there hasn't been any real rain since last April. When we watch the news about Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and see what could have happened, we are SO GRATEFUL.

red lobster - ben 
white christmas, the musical

On Saturday night Lloyd and I met Ben in Santa Maria and went to Red Lobster for dinner before going to his play - a PCPA production. I've always wanted to go to Red Lobster because of their commercials and one just opened there, so we went. And it was as good as promised.

Then we saw "White Christmas" with Ben in the ensemble and it was so much fun to see him singing and dancing. And he held his own with all those really good dancers.

The play itself was magical! It was so fun and positive and hopeful that we came out downright uplifted. Just what's needed right now.

Afterwards we waited for Ben and I felt like we were hanging around the stage door. When he came out he introduced us to several people from the play and I liked feeling a little like an insider. As I've said many times, it sure will be interesting to see where this career takes him. Meanwhile, we're having the time of our lives going along for the ride with him.

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