Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Newsy / Judy

change in bishopric

We got a new bishopric on Sunday. When I first came in and looked at the program, it said the meeting  was under the direction of the stake president. I thought, wow, they’re going to talk about all the stuff that’s going on about Prop 8 and the backlash against the church. But no; it was a new bishopric. Bishop Pearson hasn’t been well, and the rigors of annual tithing settlement were looming large. We now have Bishop Eric Kasper and his counselors are Dave Platt and Brian Rober.

Madagascar 2

Last night Dad and I went to see “Madagascar 2” and it was really good. I laughed or smiled all the way through it. I think the kids would especially like it, although so would their parents. I couldn’t help but notice how amazing the animation/drawing was—absolutely beautiful. They’ve come a long way since “Snow White.”

just created a facebook account

By the way, I just signed up on Facebook because Hilary made me. Of course, since I’m brand new,  I have no friends, which is pretty pathetic. Now I’ll have to ask her how to get some.

great bumper sticker

I have to tell you about this great bumper sticker I saw:  “I have CDO, which is just like OCD except the letters are in alphabetical order, as they should be.”

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  1. Funny bumper sticker, Mom! My kids, especially Caleb, are looking forward to seeing Madagascar 2. We love the first one. We just saw Wall-e a few nights ago. It was so sweet. I really enjoyed it.


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