Friday, November 7, 2008

Kidney Stones & More / Judy

dealing with kidney stones

Okay, I am now officially falling apart. I’ve had an x-ray of my abdomen and evidently I have several kidney stones. So I’m getting ready to have some sort of “procedure” to smash them up and remove them.

but wait - there’s more

In preparation for this, I was told to stop taking my daily dose of baby aspirin. I did and after a few days, my varicose veins starting acting up--getting red and tender and hot and painful.

So yesterday I went to the doctor about them and he said to start up the aspirin again, walk more (helps push the blood through the veins so it doesn’t pool in the weak spots), drink more water and he gave me an antibiotic. I’ll be doing all this until the legs get better, then a week after I stop taking aspirin I can think about the kidneys.

Meanwhile, the urologist is worried because I might have a kidney stone attack any time, although I’ve had the stones since at least last summer and so far so good. But now I feel I could blow any minute.

What a depressing blog.


  1. Mom, I'm so sorry to hear that. I guess it's better to find out about kidney stones while they're still in your kidney though. Would compression stockings help with the veins? Are you going to have to sit with your legs up the whole week before the "procedure"? Good luck!


  2. Dang, I hate kidney stones. Good luck with it all, and hang in there!


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