Monday, October 17, 2016

Women Are Powerful -- We Create the Culture / Kristen Abbott Kleinman

Adam was pleased with his static inventory of neatly labeled stuff.
Then Eve put everything into dynamic play around Family --
gave her husband's stuff meaning and worth.
She Created Culture -- Lloyd

I believe that something essential is being forgotten. Women are powerful. After having eight boys and now this one little girl, I can see that although she is still so small, even she is powerful. She came knowing who she is, and already she shapes, inspires, and brings joy to everyone around her as she nurtures all of us.

Women are born with the God-given power to create and inspire through nurturing. We create the culture. We are the most powerful when we love and inspire men to create the structure so that we are free to focus on the culture-creating work that we are here to do. Whatever the world’s culture, we create it -- either through claiming our rightful place as women of power, or by abandoning our post through self-absorption or following the lie that the only power worth having is in the role of men.

What we currently see in the culture of the world is similar to what happens when mom is gone for the day and we are left with dad or an older kid in charge; although he is capable, everything's a little weird and full of sharp angles and hard edges. Except now mom has been gone for so long that everyone is stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of men having the confidence to protect and provide for the work of creation and growth, the destructive culture that we are limping along with in her absence is based on fulfilling the physical desires of men, and the very structure is crumbling around us.

As women, it’s time to wake up and remember who we are, the power we possess through nurturing, and what we are here to do. It's time to reclaim this culture. It’s time to recognize the significance for everyone in the culture-defining work we are here to do. It’s time to strengthen and inspire men with the power to stand up and fully embrace their role of providing structure and protection for our work, the work that brings peace, joy and growth for us all.

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