Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Little Donny Trump's Racial Spew & Legacy -- Concentrated Evil / Lloyd

HOUT BAY - Imizamo Yethu (South Africa)

My brother lived in South Africa during Apartheid. He reported that the Religious Right’s dogged support of Apartheid effectively resisted change using ethical and theological sophistry, racial fear & hate, and political muscle. I cringe as I read of growing Religious Right / Evangelical support for the presumptive GOP presidential candidate ( Even in our own post civil war nation we hardly can grasp the extent of personal & societal harm of religious & racial bigotry at its worst for both perpetrators and victims.

In the above special news report from South Africa gross racial and economic inequality is reduced to strategic real estate planning, reduction in wealthy [white] property values, and wealthy [whites] having to endure their proximity to wretched [black & mixed] poverty and suffering. Yet the real estate agent implies that many of the slum residents are employed in that valley by whites. The positive change among the poorest blacks and mixed may be an emerging leadership that feels empowered & encouraged.

Sanctioned by the Religious Right, if only by its quiet assent, the hew of Little Donny Trump’s spew of religious and racial bigotry can be viewed today in HOUT BAY -- Imizamo Yethu -- "concentrated evil" (from Time Bandits, 1981).

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