Monday, June 2, 2014

Time for More Movies / Judy

I'd like to concentrate on English costume, i.e. historical films. Here are five of my favorites

Enchanted April

I've posted about this one before, but it is still probably my all-time favorite movie, so I'm going to repeat myself. It's the story of four British women in London in 1920 who want to get away for a month-long, husbandless vacation. They rent a villa in Italy and end up in paradise, spending a month in self-discovery. Some people say it's slow-moving, but I think that's part of its charm. I love it. Available for Instant Viewing on Netflix.

The Importance of Being Earnest

It's a movie adaptation of an Oscar Wilde comedy about mistaken identities in 1890. Two proper Englishmen use the same pseudonym with hilarious results. It's a flat-out comedy, even a farce, and one that the whole family might like. Also on Netflix Instant Viewing.

An Ideal Husband

Another Oscar Wilde film, some funny parts but more of a drama. It also takes place in London in 1895 and one of the fun things about it is seeing the costumes and manners of a very different time and place. Once in a video rental store I asked the clerk, "Do you have An Ideal Husband?" She looked at me horrified and said, "NO. And that's none of your business." Anyway, it's also on Netflix Instant Viewing.

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain

This one takes place not in London, but in Wales just after WWI. A small Welsh community sent many of its young men to die in France. They find a reason to come together and enjoy life again. It's a charming story and stars a young Hugh Grant at his best. On Netflix Instant Viewing.

The Winslow Boy

Unfortunately this one is only available on DVD from Netflix, but it's worth getting. It takes place in London again around 1910. One reviewer said it is a story that seems to be about one thing, but it's actually about something else. It's fun to see if you can figure out what that "something else" is. One thing I really like about this movie is the way it portrays a loving family and how they interact in a crisis.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

This takes place in 1939 London and shows a significant day in Miss Pettigrew's life. It's funny, cute, serious, and generally delightful. I watched it on Netflix Instant

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  1. I enjoyed watching these movies sitting next to Judy and munching popcorn in our own living room. We love making comments back & forth knowing it isn't bothering other viewers.


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