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It's About The People / Guest

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At the end of the day the most important thing about weddings is the people.  A chance to bring families together to celebrate.

With that in mind it is important not to let little details create arguments that annoy and antagonize everyone helping.

Arrange the ceremony and reception to maximize opportunities for people to mingle and catch up.  To laugh and celebrate together.  

One thing I recall from my wedding and receptions is that there are groups of experience at weddings.

The first is the experience of the couple getting married.  They will be in their own little world together and not remember a whole heck of a lot from the whole experience.  Good thing there are pictures.  So set things up and then everyone else should be nice to them on their day.  They'll be followed around by photographers/video cameras a lot.  Helpful folks will direct them here and there for pictures, cake, dancing, sitting, standing, etc.

The next group is family who all know each other and chat up a storm.  If you've got several siblings then everyone has probably done the wedding thing before and its just a great excuse to all get together again.  

Lastly there are people that your parents invite who chat cordially with everyone else but don't necessarily know a great many people.  Note to couple:  let your parents invite them since they bring gifts too and it will make your parents happy and you'll be oblivious anyway.

Weddings are about people;  the couple committing to each other, God and society.  About families getting together to celebrate.  Focus the events on maximizing these relationships.

Originally posted by Sonian in Wedding Brainstorm on 25 Feb 2010

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