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Videos of High School Students Receiving Mission Calls -- Background Details / Lloyd

The following video is "A compilation of pictures and videos of the 2012 Davis High School graduates (Kaysville, Utah) who have decided to serve LDS missions."

Videos from other High Schools are found on YouTube at:

Background Details to the Videos
Recently many of us have viewed on the Internet and Television videos of young men and women reading letters from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) calling them to serve missions with assignments world-wide.  

This is the first in our lifetime that Mormon missionaries have received calls to begin their missions immediately upon graduation from High School and as early as their 18th (Young Men) or 19th (Young Women) birthdays.

On 6 October 2012 during a televised General Conference of the Church, President Thomas S. Monson announced without prior notice lower age requirements for missionary service. Following that conference session a press conference was held to give background, clarification and answer questions from a surprised media.

An enthusiastic response among young men and women to the change in age requirements was immediate and achieved a current constant rate of 1,400 missionaries called per week, compared to 600 per week previously.

Administrative planning and support to new missionaries has to be as dynamic as their response to serve.

Angola Luanda
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia
Argentina Posadas
Arizona Gilbert
Arizona Scottsdale
Australia Sydney North
Bolivia Santa Cruz North
Botswana Gaborone
Brazil Curitiba South
Brazil Fortaleza East
Brazil Juiz de Fora
Brazil Natal
Brazil Piracicaba
Brazil Santos
Brazil São Paulo West
California Bakersfield
California Irvine
California Rancho Cucamonga
Chile Santiago South
Colorado Fort Collins
Ecuador Guayaquil West
Ecuador Quito North
El Salvador San Salvador East
Georgia Macon
Ghana Accra West
Guatemala Cobán
Honduras San Pedro Sula West
Idaho Nampa
Idaho Twin Falls
Illinois Chicago West
Japan Tokyo South
Kansas Wichita
Korea Seoul South
Liberia Monrovia
México Cancún
México Ciudad Juarez
México Ciudad Obregón
México México City Chalco
México Pachuca
México Queretaro
México Reynosa
México Saltillo
New Zealand Hamilton
Nigeria Benin City
Ohio Cincinnati
Oregon Salem
Papua New Guinea Lae
Perú Huancayo
Perú Iquitos
Philippines Cavite
Philippines Cebu East
Philippines Legaspi
Philippines Urdaneta
Ukraine L'viv
Utah Salt Lake City East
Virginia Chesapeake
Washington Federal Way
Washington Vancouver

  • How many missionaries does the Church have serving currently? -- 64,373
  • What is the average number of missionaries being called per week now?  -- 1,400 per week since 1 January 2013
  • What is the current percentage of elders and sisters being called -- For calls made since 1 January 2013, 57% are elders, 36% are sisters, and 7% are seniors.

Commenting on these official Church statistics , one observer suggests:

The Church may call as many as 70,000 missionaries in 2013 if it continues to perpetuate the average of 1,400 missionary applications per week for the entire year. This may result in the Church surpassing 100,000 missionaries serving by late 2013 or early 2014 and necessitate the organization of dozens of additional missions for 2014.

After all the numbers are analyzed, the extraordinary value for the young men and women who accept the call to serve and also for those who receive them is inestimable.

We know this from our experience. I served a mission in Guatemala; Judy and I have brothers who served in Brazil - Japan - South Africa - Spain. Our sons and daughters, including husbands & wives, served missions in Argentina(x2) - Brazil - Germany(x2) - Tacoma, WA - Spain(x2) - Ghana. These have been life defining.  And our first grandchild receives his call this summer. This is exciting.

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