Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Questions of the Heart—Gay Mormons and the Search for Identity / Lloyd

This is a blatant plea for money. My son, Ben Abbott, has written and performed in a one-man play called "Questions of the Heart—Gay Mormons and the Search for Identity." It was his honors thesis while a student at UC Berkeley in theater. The link below is his crowd funding effort through IndieGoGo, and there is an explanatory video with it.

Get Ben to the Fringe!

People have asked if it is anti-gay or anti-Mormon and it emphatically is neither. It brings up intelligent questions while sympathetically portraying both sides. Ben is straight, happily married, and a faithful, life-long Mormon. Also, since he's an actor, many of his closest friends are gay and lesbian and he loves them dearly.  When Ben made his proposal at Berkeley someone told him, "You are probably the only one who could do this with no agenda." Here is another link of an interview he did at the time he first presented this play: 

Now this play has been accepted at both the Cincinnati Fringe Festival and the Indianapolis Festival, which is a huge honor. But he needs help getting there. If you think this is a worthwhile endeavor, please support him and enable him to go to these two festivals with a donation of whatever amount you feel comfortable giving.

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