Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amazing Strength in Families / Judy & Lloyd

JUDY: I recently saw this on YouTube and it really affected me. I think it shows the strength and power of families:

Along with this, I recently read that military marriages are surprisingly resilient. We hear lots about how military divorce rates are increasing and how veterans have all sorts of other dire problems. In fact, what is not reported is that the military divorce rate is still way below the national average for divorce compared to the civilian population. A strong, loving, committed family is one of the best sources for healing--whatever the wound. As you can see in these YouTube pictures, love is a powerful force for good, and it's in families that this kind of healing love is found.

LLOYD:  I remember a particular Brother who came before a Stake Disciplinary Council with his Bishop. And I wondered how his situation would ever be resolved for him and his family. Both the Bishop and Stake President reported that the man's wife had accepted his deep remorse and was a major support to her husband in his repentance process, and their children had rallied around them both. I watched this happen and have thought about it often.

Years later one of the younger daughters of this family referred obliquely to their family trial and then commented on the amazing influence of love they had all experienced. The daughter was recently married and said that this personal family experience had given her great strength and increased her understanding and faith in the power of a covenant marriage.  The family not only remained intact but has also been productive and healthy in every aspect.

Judy once had occasion to tell me, "Lloyd, this isn't about you, or about me, or even about us. It's about our covenant with the Lord and to this marriage."  The deep affection between husband and wife, and father and children demonstrated above in "Soldier Homecoming Surprise" only hints at the power available through family bonds and a covenant marriage.

Originally posted in She Says, He Says, May 2012.


  1. Affected me, too. I bawled all the way through it.

  2. Boy, I'll say. I was totally bawling. As soon as the little bitty girl at the beginning says, "Love you, daddy. Miss you," I completely lost it from there to the end.

    Actually, even though our dad didn't have to be deployed, it reminded me of when we met up with him at the Frankfort airport and again at Dulles airport. And when he visited us in California, I wanted to show him off to everyone, tell them "this is my dad." I was so proud.


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