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Grandpa -- Answers Questions From His Blog Posted Sat 21 Nov 2009 / Guest

Wights Fort Cemetery

Missa said...

So good to hear from you. Hannah has an assignment in school that we were hoping you could help us with. She needs to have several small paragraphs (2-3 sentences) about ancesters who have contributed to American history--from the Mayflower on. For example: Glenn Wight was a soldier in WWII who fought across Germany. He was wounded and almost died. Glenn is Hannah's great-grandpa. Can you think of anyone else we could write about? Thanks!

Dear Hannah,
I could tell you a little bit about our family history. For example, Thomas Wight came to Massachusetts in about 1635, which was just about the time that the Mayflower came over.  He was a farmer.

There were three Wight families that came to Salt Lake Valley with the pioneers in 1847. They established “Wight’s Fort” in the southern end of Salt Lake Valley. Wight’s Fort was intended to help protect the people in Salt Lake Valley from Indian raids coming up from the south. There is still a small park there with a plaque telling about it. It is also registered as an historical cemetery because of the few Wights that were buried there.   It’s at approximately 3400 West and 9000 South and is located near where you live in Draper.

My grandfather homesteaded in Juniper, Idaho when it was very empty country. He took up a homestead and lived on it the rest of his life. A homestead was government land that had been surveyed, and anyone who moved on it and improved the land could claim it if he lived on it a few years. A homestead was 320 acres.

My father, Hewitt Wight was a soldier in the Army during World War I and fought in France across a good bit of France and into Germany.

kristen said...
it is great to see you in the blogging world! I hear that you have a fancy new chair - how is that going for you? are you spending a lot more time out and about now? we are looking forward to seeing you this week for thanksgiving.
love, Kristen

Dear Kristen,
Yes I have a new chair that’s great.  And I do plan to spend more time out and about.

Troy & Emily said...
It's great to hear from you! I've been meaning to ask you about the status of Compound 14. Have you heard anything from the Dept of Homeland Security?

Dear Troy and Emily,
Compound 14 is still sitting on the shelf. I think it has potential but I haven’t been able to get anyone to take responsibility to develop it.  Tracy Call was my partner in working with Compound 14 and his granddaughter is working on it at the University of Utah.  But to answer your question, I haven’t heard anything about it from the Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. Grandpa,

    I'll have to talk to you about Compound 14 when we come out for New Year's Eve. I've found a program at the U of U that might be able to help.



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