Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cruisin' The Ports - Judy

After a day and a half at sea, our first stop was Cabo San Lucas. We took a walking tour of the city and it was SO HOT!!! AND HUMID!!! But our cute little tour guide gave us popsicles at one point and this picture is where we stopped to have drinks, chips and salsa. You can tell we look a little ragged. One interesting thing the guide told us was that 50% of the town's population was American. She said, "You are all down here and we are all up there."

In Mazatlan the next day we smartened up and took a bus tour of the city. Evidently Mazatlan is the shrimp capital of the world and it was shrimp season. Here is our driver showing us some humongous shrimp from a market.

Our last stop was this theater where they presented a folklorico show--several different Mexican dances with different costumes and all. We had soft drinks and chips and salsa again while we watched a really fun show.

The next day we were in Puerta Vallarta. We liked this place best. It seemed like the prettiest town and also we did the most fun thing there. This picture in on the catamaran we took out to go snorkeling and this guy was pure entertainment the whole trip.

This is the cove where we went snorkeling. It was so much fun! And there were amazing fish to see and the water was fairly warm and comfortable. It was great. Afterwards they had lunch on the catamaran while we went to a small, hidden-away beach.

This is approaching the beach where you can see the jungle right behind it.
And here we are, like something out of a TV commercial on a beautiful beach. I was wearing my Morro Bay T-shirt and two couples on the catamaran (not even the big ship) told me they were from Morro Bay! What are the odds?

Finally, this is Lloyd on the balcony of our stateroom while we were still in Puerta Vallarta. We spent the next two day at sea and like I said yesterday, that was fun too.

I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! (I wonder if we ever will...)


  1. how fun! i'm so glad you had a camera with you:)

  2. i think that you should definitely do it again. every three years would be quite reasonable - you could plan different places to go and always have something to look forward to.


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