Monday, August 24, 2009

Tomorrow's my Monday / Lloyd

Sunday's & Monday's are my days off, so tomorrow's my Monday.

Judy's been in Kaysville, Utah with Smalley's as they've worked through having a stillborn son. It's been quite a week for everyone. Tonight they had a private funeral service with local family members and dinner support from the Relief Society. Bless the sisters of the Relief Society.

Saturday I had scheduled time off to go to the Fresno Temple, but the hospital held me over. They've started mandatory overtimes again--partly because of California's furlough policy for state workers: 3 days a month without pay. And the hospital has been denying most worker requests for scheduled time off, so folks just call in sick--especially on weekends.

Fortunately a colleague came in to take my place at 2:15 am on Saturday--that was better than working until 7 am. It was late, so I just cleaned up, and drove straight to Fresno. About 90 minutes out I pulled into a rest stop to sleep because I couldn't keep my eyes open. But I arrived at 8:40 am. At one point during a session I must have dozed because a friend touched my arm, and I stood right up--the only patron in the room standing.

I did get to participate in three endowment sessions, including one in Spanish, and a sealing session. Mostly I was alert. Temple worship just seems to anchor my soul. This was especially important to me when I couldn't be with Smalley's.

This past week Ben's been getting himself ready for Cal Berkley. He did a great job sorting through things and leaving very few personal items at home. Today Jason, Ellen, and Anna convoyed with him in their red truck and were soooo helpful not only getting his stuff up there but also helping him process all the furniture decisions at IKEA. I cleaned up Ben's room. It's now ready for visitors--especially for Ben.

Tomorrow is my Monday with all its connotations. But Judy will also be home, and that'll be wonderful.

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