Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marilyn / Judy

This is an email I just sent to my favorite sister, Marilyn (pictured above at Aspen Grove with her daughter, Teri and some of her family):

Marilyn, Hope you have a wonderful day! I sent you a card but you may not get it in time and let me tell you why. I meant to mail it last Saturday and went out to do a few errands, including stopping at the post office.

But Ben's car is in the shop and he's had to drive the red one the past few days. I was driving it that day and had to make sure I got back in time for him to leave for Santa Maria. Anyway, I noticed it only had about a quarter tank of gas and I thought I'd be nice for him and fill it up.

At the gas station the pump kept stopping and wouldn't work. I managed to put about 3 gallons in it and then I got so frustrated that I called out the service station attendant to come help me. He tried it and said, "Is the tank already full?" Because that was what the pump was acting like. "No," I assured him. But just in case, I turned on the motor to look at the gas gage again. Sure enough, just above quarter of a tank. He tried the pump some more and it still wouldn't work. Then, I noticed that I was looking at the TEMPERATURE gage and not the gas gage (which was on the other side of the steering wheel). Uh oh. How embarrassing!!

The attendant didn't even say anything; he just walked away. By that time I'd managed to cram $14 worth of gas into the already full tank. Also, by then I had no time left to mail your card because I had to get right back so Ben could take the car.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, and I'm sorry your card is late.
Love, Judy

(Am I the only one these kinds of things happen to?)

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