Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mini Vacation / Judy

(Why can't I remember to put in the picture I want last first and vice versa? Also, still not able to write between the pictures.) Anyway, the top one is a little planter I bought while out and about with Marilyn while she was here. Now, I almost never buy stuff, but I just loved this cow and immediately put it on our table outside.

The next picture shows Marilyn and me at the bay. She came Sunday and left this morning and in between we went out every day. On Monday we stayed in town and did the usual stuff. Since Gottschalks's, the big department store, is closing, we spent a lot of time in there actually trying to buy somethings at 80-90% off but couldn't find much. Then Mon. night we went out for fish and chips with Lloyd. Tuesday we went to the south coast, including our favorite "road side stand", then that night we went down to Solvang to see Ben in "Les Mis." We ate at Anderson's Pea Soup, then saw the play. Marilyn had not seen it before and like the rest of us, she was thrilled with that production and its incredible music. Wednesday we went to the north coast, which is where this picture was taken.

I'm sorry to see her go because we always have a blast together and also now I have to get back to my usual life, which mainly consists of housework and cooking. Also, I have to work off the extra pounds that always seem to accumulate when Marilyn comes.

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