Thursday, May 28, 2009

Someone's Out To Get Us / Judy

I don't know if everyone is having the same problem we are about going to the reunion, but in this house, it's like "someone's out to get us." Grandpa has a cold which includes a bad headache and just doesn't feel well at all. Michael threw up and is hoping it's nothing that lasts. Lloyd also has a terrible cold, so bad that he didn't go to work  yesterday or today and sounds like a frog. Also, his arthritis is flaring up. Sadly, Ben can't come at all (they gave him a big one day off--Wednesday only--so it wasn't possible for him to even fly back and forth). 

So far, I'm ok but I hate to think I may have to drive our big RV all the way there by myself. But if I have to put everyone to bed in the back of the thing and soldier on alone, I will because we're coming no matter what. So there!

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  1. Adversity does seem to precede or follow blessings. I think the Lord sets it up this way to give us clear contrast between good and evil so we are reminded which is which. We'll all continue praying for you guys to get to Utah safe and sound.


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