Monday, May 18, 2009

PCPA Graduation / Judy

Yesterday afternoon Ben graduated from PCPA after a very intense two years. It was a wonderful ceremony, low-key but meaningful. Afterwards everyone was emotional--boys and girls and parents. The students are all especially close because they are like survivors of a disaster after what they've been through during this time. The first two pictures are of Ben with some of his teachers. If you've been to any of the PCPA productions, you might recognize them. 

Afterwards we all came home and the Kleinmans and the Andersons came down for dinner to help celebrate and a good time was had by all.

Now Ben has to choose whether to go to Berkeley or UC Irvine. He has this week off and will go to both places to help him decide because he has to write his "Statement to Register" by June 1.

And, a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Jason who also graduated yesterday. We are so proud of you both because these are big accomplishments!


  1. So did BYU's theater dept. not want Ben after all?

  2. Congratulations, Ben! You look like a real thespian with your hair that long :)

    If it's a very intense program and the graduates feel like survivors, then did a lot of students drop out?

  3. Yes, they did, but for various reasons he decided not to go there.


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