Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day / Judy

We had a good day today. I put out our flag yesterday morning and I'm so glad we have one! It looks so cool as we drive into the culdesac. Actually, two other neighbors have theirs out too so our neighborhood looks especially nice.

This morning I hosted my writing group here, which is always kind of fun. I am editing Grandpa's book so it seemed appropriate to be reading some of his war stories for the group.

This afternoon Lloyd and I went to lunch, then saw the movie, "Night at the Museum 2." We liked it quite a bit, even better than the first one maybe. It wasn't really funny, but it was a fun adventure movie.

When we came home, Grandpa was soon up and Michael came from Santa Barbara so the four of us went out to the cemetery and put flowers on my mother's grave. This is something we were never able to do before because we always lived too far from anyone's grave. But since we've been here we go every year with Grandpa and it feels like a very nice thing to do. I meant to bring my camera but I'm afraid I forgot it so you'll just have to imagine how the place looked. There were little American flags on all the veterans' graves and they looked like they covered most of that cemetery. Michael was saying that during World War II there were 27 million people in uniform, most everybody that was able-bodied, and now these veterans are dying at the rate of 1,000 per day. 

I think it's important to think of their sacrifice at least once a year and be grateful and appreciative.

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