Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lifelong Friends: Judy

This is me and my friend, Sandy, that I've known for 55 years. We met in the 5th grade, were best friends all through high school, even roommates at BYU for a year. We drifted apart when our family lived all over the place, but now that I'm back home we get together for lunch every once in a while. She's like a family member in that whenever we see each other, it's like we spend lots of time together and just talk and talk. Yesterday we were celebrating her birthday at Novo's downtown (I love their creekside patio dining), and a friendly waiter took our picture. 

Random change of subject: today is the Kentucky Derby so I hope everybody watches. I can't tell you anything about the horses because there hasn't been anything in the paper about it. Even today's article said, "we don't really know anything about this field." I suppose we'll know more after the race.

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