Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day at the Temple / Judy

Yesterday Lloyd took the day off work and we both took the Stake bus down to the L.A. temple. What a great way to do it! We left at 6:00 am and also picked up people in Pismo and Santa Maria and we were there at 9:45. We did a session that had 70 people in it which must be pretty good for a Tuesday, then ate lunch in the cafeteria. Then we went through the 1:30 session as the witness couple (there were only about half the number of people as in the morning). We left at 4:00 and were home by 7:30 pm. It was wonderful.

When we were  milling around at the church in the morning before we left, there was one short elderly lady in a prim blouse and skirt, sensible shoes and her white hair in a bun. I assumed she was from another ward, but it turns out she was the bus driver! Lloyd asked her how long she'd been driving these huge busses and she said 25 years. She did a good job too, muscleing that behemoth around Los Angeles. 

All the way down in the morning we mostly slept (Lloyd slept almost the whole way) and then read or did other fun stuff like crosswords puzzles. So it was a fun day and we really enjoyed it both because we didn't have to drive ourselves and because it's been months since we were able to go to the temple.

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