Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ragged Point / Judy

I was premature when I wrote about our fun weekend because the fun continued on Monday, Loyd's day off. We wanted to spend the day in Cambria so we drove up the coast about mid-morning, wandered around a few of our favorite places and had lunch there. Then we thought, you know, what we really want to do is go to Ragged point and spend the night. So we did! The first picture (above) is the view from our room.

Of course we weren't really prepared. We had no extra clothes or anything, but in the car Lloyd had his toothbrush and toothpaste that he takes to work, and we bought a small deoderant, and as usual, we both had books to read, so we were good.

One problem was that our phones didn't work from Cambria north because they don't have Verizon cell towers along there. I was in the middle of a call to Jennifer when the phone went dead and the phones didn't come back to life until we returned. This made it hard to let people like Grandpa know what we were doing, and I didn't want him to worry. Fortunately, the waitress in the Ragged Point restaurant had a different cell phone (AT & T or something) and she let us call home. 

Again, the above picture was taken from our room.And this is from the fence, sea-side looking up to our room, which had a fireplace, by the way. We left the window open all night so we could hear the surf--heaven.

On the way home today we stopped at the lighthouse beach to see the elephant seals. Right now on the beach are all females and pups. We didn't see any of the big males. Notice the pup near the vegetaion on the right looking at us.

So we had a wonderful mini-vacation and floated back to earth on a sea of contentment. And now it's back to work (sigh).


  1. how fun! i love staying there. hearing the waves crash against the cliffs all night is awesome.


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