Saturday, April 18, 2009

More visitors / Judy

Lloyd's youngest brother, Paul, and his three oldest kids came to visit this past week since they were on Spring Break. They came on Tuesday and left Friday morning. In this photo, starting from the left is Daniel (18), Angie (16), Paul, Brenden (14), and Lloyd. 

On Wednesday Kristen and Hilary came down to visit with them, then after lunch they went to the matinee of "Les Mis" to see Ben, then had fish and chips at Pismo. Thursday they went boogie-boarding at Cayucus, then after cleaning up, they went through a tour of Hearst Castle and got back to town in time to go to the Farmers Market. 

When they left yesterday, they planned to drive to Yosemite for a couple days. I have to say it was really fun having them here and actually getting to know them, especially the kids who were a lot of fun. Grandpa loved talking to them because they were very interested in his stories and he really perked up with them around.

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