Thursday, April 23, 2009

Les Mis And A Web Site / Judy

If you've seen Hilary's blog, you know several of us (me and Michael, Kristen. Nathan and Jonathan, Hilary and Dave, and Liberty) saw the understudy rehearsal of Les Mis because Ben is understudying Javert, the villain. It was truly amazing! I have purposely avoided seeing that play because I knew it would be very sad, I mean, just look at the title. Ben was wonderful, both in his acting and also in his singing. He has a beautiful, powerful baritone voice that filled the theater.

There were several moving moments that brought me to tears, even the suicide scene. Up to that point, you don't like Javert at all, but still that scene is heartbreaking. And the ending is so uplifting and inspirational...I had no idea.

On to another topic. In the the grocery store the other day I saw a cookbook I nearly bought called "200 recipes under 200 calories." But I decided I didn't need another cookbook, although I may relent and get it later. However, there was a web site attached to it that I went to and it also has lots of healthy, low-calorie recipes and I'd recommend it. It's 

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  1. I'm checking out that web site. I'm going to lose 20 pounds and be skinny again!!


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