Thursday, March 12, 2009

Malady Update / Judy

Caution: Venting ahead

So yesterday I went to the hospital, expecting to finally, FINALLY, have my stent removed. I knew I'd be completely alseep with anesthesia, but I still was not looking forward to the ordeal. Then after I'd changed into my paper gown and was lying in bed while they did things like blood pressure, etc. the nurse tried to put in an IV. If you've ever had one, you know it's like putting a steel straw into the vein in your hand. It hurt like crazy...then it didn't work and she had to take it out and put it in my other hand. 

At that point I started to cry and pretty much didn't stop all day. The nurses kept asking me, "What's wrong?" I felt like saying, "Hello! Would you like to change places here?" But what I told them was that I was scared about the whole thing and knew I'd wake up feeling like crap. Which of course is what happened. My throat was sore and raspy because they said I had a tube down in it and I kept having VERY painful spasms in my ureter. Talk about a world of hurt. 

Then to add insult to injury, Lloyd came in and told me they had to put the stent back in (!!). They showed me a little jar full of the stones they got out. Before, I got little pieces like coarse sand, but these were like gravel. So the reason I still have the stent is that there are still more pieces up in my kidney---aaarrrggghhh! 

To feel a little sorry for myself here, it seems like in the past few years I've had several physical ailments. First there was the cough that lasted forever. Then there was the  hyperthyroidism that had me weak and shaking and miserable. Now these kidney stones that are SO painful. I have to admit though that right this minute I'm not spasming so I don't feel too bad as long as I don't move around much. I just wish I could learn the darn lesson I'm supposed to learn from all this already and get on with my life. 


  1. Oh Judy! I'm so sorry to hear about your physical problems frustrating! We'll be sure and keep you in our prayers and just know that our thoughts are with you :)

  2. Mom, we're so sorry. Having had a surgery recently myself, I know that the whole experience is just miserable. And then to have the thing back in-yuck. Plus, I'll bet they still insist you pay for the darn thing. Darn it.

  3. I was SO sad to hear this! I wish it would just end.


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