Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gratitude and a little whining / Judy

FIRST, THE GRATITUDE. I took this last week and it shows how everything is blooming around here. Like Grandpa famously said, "Well, it is February"

And this is one of my favorite views in the world--from the top of Johnson Ave. I once read a poem called "The Low Green Hills of Home," and for a few months out of the year, that describes this place. 
Another good thing about living here is that the price of tomatoes is only $.88/lb. right now. Of course I had to buy some and then I had to make salsa. It isn't as out-of-this world delicious as the full summertime stuff, but it's still pretty good. 
I have recently discovered a great TV show—Battlestar Gallactica. I know it's been on a while, but since I don't like to watch TV with all their commercials, I haven't paid attention to it. But now I've discovered the DVD's of the show and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Turns out it's as good as people have been saying it is.
NOW FOR THE WHINING. I still have the stent in and it's still very uncomfortable almost all the time. On top of that, at least once a day I have a very painful episode and have to take vicodin. Tonight our friend Steve said what is probably happening is that stent is causing the ureter to spasm because I don't think I'm still passing any stones. And I'm not scheduled to have it taken out until March 16--over three weeks after the doctor originally said I could. So I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself right now; I didn't think I had to be humbled to THIS extent. I probably could use a lesson in patience, although I could be very patient if it didn't hurt so much.

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