Saturday, February 21, 2009

company and the play / Judy

I'm so excited--Marilyn is coming today and tonight she and I and Lloyd and Michael are all going to see Ben's play, "Midsumer Night's Dream". Grandpa was going with us but he's not feeling well, so Lloyd asked the lady he carpools with to come too. 

Our local newspaper reviewed the play and called it "A dream production and...a sumptious spectacle. The sets and costumes are stunning, and the land of the fairies has become a setting for Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics, dancing and juggling." Then it talks about some of the individual actors, all of whom except Ben are professional, mostly equity and very good. But I loved this paragraph:
"In the mortal love stories, Micheal Jenkinson is fine, as always, as he plays Demetrius. Katie Newcomer is good as Hermia, and Vanessa Ballam gives Helena manic intensity. Ben Abbott, a second-year acting student, plays Lysander. He has great comic timing and is someone to watch for in future shows." 

I added this review to the folder of plays he's been in. I just know that someday this folder will be valuable. People have told him how well he does Shakespeare--that it's so natural, like he's just talking, and he makes it very understandable. A lot of people have come up to him after the shows and complimented him. I make him tell me everything everybody says. As scary as it is about him making a living as an actor, it is so much fun to watch from a front row seat.

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