Saturday, January 3, 2009

My new camera / Judy

These are the first pictures I took with my new camera. (This is so exciting!) Here are the DeMarco's on Christmas Day. This one is Grandpa Wight around Christmas Day (can't remember exactly). This is our little friar in front of the house. I put a Santa hat on him and I think it's hilarious.This is the bay where we all went a couple days ago. Everybody but me and Kristen went on kayaks and a big war canoe (held 12 kids and 3 adults). Kristen and I took the two babies, Brennan and Anna and sat in a warm cafe and visited.

So I'm on my way with the camera. Now I just have to remember to take it everywhere and then remember to use it. But I eventually got used to having and using a cell phone so I'm sure I can do the same with this. Hopefully, you'll see my pictures improve over time.


  1. it is great to see pictures on your blog! i love them.


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