Thursday, January 8, 2009

Current Malady / Judy

So here I am, minding my own business, and WOW, all of a sudden, I've got kidney stones. But don't panic, so far they haven't been bothering me, it's just that they are there and COULD be a problem any time. I've been to a doctor and had an x-ray, which is really the only reason I know I have them, and I'm scheduled to have them blasted into a million pieces on Monday. Also, they will put in a stent during this little procedure. 

I was NOT looking forward to having this done, but last night my back did start to hurt and I got worried I might have a full blown episode. So I took a pain pill the doctor gave me "just in case," that is in case they "bothered" me before we could do this procedure (I had the feeling he thought I could blow any minute). Anyway, some of you remember how I react to benedryl...this pain pill was like that only more so. I sat down to watch a little Star Trek and the next thing I knew I was in bed and Ben was standing over me. He said I'd been asleep several hours and he'd helped me into my bedroom a while ago. He said all the way down the hall, I kept asking him what time it was, about 8 times.

Today, I seem to be okay again, although my back feels a little achy.  Now I am ready for my procedure on Monday because I don't want a full-blown kidney stone attack. Even a hospital experience is better than that.

Words to live by: It's always something.


  1. yikes! i am glad they will be taken care of soon.

  2. Grandma - you are hilarious! Spencer

  3. Hey Mom, we're sorry to hear about this wahalla (that's pidgeon English for "trouble"). Good luck with your hospital adventure!


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