Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Christmas Letter 2008 / Judy

Wow! This is much easier than printing out a hundred Christmas letters and sending them snail-mail. First of all I'll give updates on everyone, then I'll tell about our year.

jen & uchenna - ponca city, ok

Jen and Uchenna are living in Ponca City, OK, for now, but will probably be transferred next year. Uche received his PhD in chemical engineering from BYU and is now working for Conoco Phillips in their alternative fuels research dept. Go Uche!

kristen & nathan - paso robles, ca

Kristen and Nathan are still in Paso Robles and it's wonderful to have them close by. Kristen is expecting baby boy # 8 next month. (Yes, she has her hands full.) Nathan works from home and is in the branch presidency of the Spanish branch.

aaron & marrisse - kaysville, ut

Aaron and Marrisse are in Kaysville, Ut, and have four girls and a boy. Their little Katrina was born last Christmas day--six weeks early, but she's doing fine now. Aaron is an acoustical engineer and travels a lot setting up sound systems in churches and other buildings.

emily & troy - kaysville, ut

Emily and Troy are also in Kaysville and Troy works as an engineer in the same company Aaron does. They have 3 boys and 2 girls, including a boy and girl twin. They have a beautiful new home that the whole family loves.

hilary & dave - paso robles, ca

Hilary and Dave are also in Paso and have four sweet little boys. Their youngest, Brennen, 2, has lots of food allergies but makes up for it by being absolutely adorable. Dave works 3 days a week with a pulmonologist and 2 days a week with a family practice.

maryruth & dominic - caldwell, id

MaryRuth and Dominic just moved to Idaho for Dominic's new job. He received his masters in Psychology and is working full-time as a home-call counselor while pursuing his Phd. They have 2 boys and a girl and are expecting another baby in the spring, but we don't' know who's coming yet.

josh and megan - montgomery village, md

Josh and Megan live back east in Maryland. Josh is an attorney and works for a D.C. law firm. They have a girl and 3 boys, two of whom are twins. It's been an adjustment for them to live so far away from home, but at least they are near Lloyd's brother and his family and it always helps to be near family.

ellen & jason - philadelphia, pa

Ellen and Jason are here visiting. They spent the summer in India where Jason interned at an architecture office, then they spent the past four months in London on a study abroad program. Jason has one more semester to go at the Univ. of Penn. before he gets his masters in architecture. They have one beautiful little girl, 10 months old, who is already quite the world traveler.

ben - san luis obispo, ca

Ben is in his second year at PCPA (the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts). He just finished being in the ensemble for "White Christmas," where it was fun to watch him singing and dancing. In February he'll have a major role in "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and we're all looking forward to that. He's now applying to schools for next Fall to get a BFA.

judy & lloyd - san luis obispo, ca

As for me and Lloyd, we did some fun traveling this year. We went up the coast to Monterrey and San Francisco, then down the coast to Disneyland. We also visited Jen and Uche in Oklahoma and spent some time in Williamsburg, VA--one of our favorite places. We're both pretty well and still love being here with my Dad.

Hope everyone is well and happy and that 2009 is even better than 2008!

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