Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Mailing - aaarrgghhh / Judy

And here's the other side of Christmas. Today I took six big packages to the post office; they were so heavy I could only carry two at a time into the P.O. Of course the line was forever, so for the first two packages, I used the APC (Automated Postal Center) where there was no line.  I felt a little intimidated, but I thought it went fine. But then I had to leave (to answer nature's call) to go to a nearby store and when I came back, I took in the next two packages and used the APC again. That's when I realized to my horror that for the first two pkgs. I had placed the printed "stamp," which I somehow thought was a mailing label, OVER my handwritten address instead of up in the corner! Where was my brain?  

I immediately cornered a postal employee and told him what I'd done and asked if there was any way I could get those pkgs. back before they left because basically, they had no visible address to send them to. He asked when it happened and by now it had been nearly 40 minutes and he said, "No. The truck just left a few minutes ago." Aarrgghh! Then, seeing me disintegrate in front of his eyes, he assured me that they would merely be returned to my address, probably the next morning. So the only problem was the $45 in postage I'd wasted and which I'd have to pay again tomorrow when I re-sent them. Again, aaarrgghhh!


  1. I talked to emily and she said that since she will be here right after christmas that you should just hold onto her's and she will get in when she comes.

  2. Dang! Sorry Mom.

    Around here we don't have A.P.C., so we just wait in the long (long!) line. I was annoyed about it, but maybe the line isn't such a bad option after all.


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