Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Fun Even While Shopping / Judy


Yesterday Dad and I were in Sears and standing in line to check out. The lady in front of us was worried her husband was going to see what she'd bought him for Christmas (about 5 things), so she kept darting looks all around while the clerk rang her up. She said, "I sent him off to another part of the store, but he wanders."


Pretty soon all of us in line, about 6 people, were helping her by making a "wall" in front of her and we were all laughing while she kept giggling. Every once in a while she ducked down behind the register's desk, evidently when her husband was walking by.  She said, "I feel like I'm doing something illegal."

wonderful fun

We were all having a great time because we understood exactly what was happening, and I thought  how fun that everyone is helping her surprise her husband. This is the kind of thing that happens at Christmas and it's wonderful!

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