Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twilight and more / Judy


So on Monday, Lloyd's day off, we saw "Twilight." Knowing it was a cultural phenomenon, we knew we had to see it, but frankly, I wasn't expecting too much. Well, we both LOVED it! We've been thinking about it a lot, which is always a good sign, and last night we agreed we want to see it again on the big screen (we'll probably buy it on DVD) so we'll go again next Monday. I thought the casting was inspired, the story gripping (I couldn't believe how incredibly romantic it was, meaning it made you FEEL for and with the people), and the beautiful setting was as important as another character. I hadn't read the books before, but now I'm so ready to read them. And now I can't wait for Monday when we can see it again.

and others

I saw another movie recently that I also liked (though not as much as  "Twilight")--"Fred Claus." I know it was completely panned by the critics and when I read the "user comments" on IMDB, I saw that no one liked it. But I did. As I've mentioned before, I love movies about smart people and also, evidently, about con men. Maybe because they have to be smart to be good ones and when they are conning someone, I think it's hilarious (not sure what that says about me). In that vein, I also loved "Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels," and "Opportunity Knocks" with Dana Carvey.


  1. see?!! i told you twilight was totally awesome. just because teenage girls like them doesn't mean they aren't great. dave really liked the movie too, which i think surprised him a little. and of course the book is even better. i have a copy if you want to borrow it.

  2. You have always enjoyed movies about con-artists. I never understood it, especially since I have Dad's ability to feel embarrassed and nervous for the characters.
    p.s. I'd sign on as Boo, but I can't remember my password.


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