Monday, August 10, 2009

Ben's Hair / Judy

I'M BACK!!! Sweet Ellen and smart Jason are here helping me with putting up pictures and they will even tell me how to write between the images. Yayyy!!!

So away we are some pictures that I took a couple weeks ago. They are Ben's before and after pictures with his haircut. He had to have long hair and muttonchops when he was in "Les Mis," but for "Music Man" he could have short hair and just side burns.

The first two are the "before" pix.

It was so long he could make a pony tail. And he hated his muttonchops.

And of course after the haircut.

And this is Ben being skeptical about my bag of water. When we were in Cambria, we saw many of the shops had these bags over their door and when I asked what they were for, the clerks said they kept the flies out. I don't know why it works, but I tried it since we don't have screens on the back door, and it really does work. We can leave these doors open for quite a while and not get flies. However, one day they were open all day and we did get a few then.


  1. I'm not crazy about mutton chops, either; trimmed up looks worlds better. Maybe I'll have to try that water thing--although, you have to admit, you never get that many flies to begin with.

  2. So, is there something more involved in the bag of water, or is it just what it sounds like--a bag of water? We have a pretty bad fly problem. It would be nice to have such a simple solution. Ben looks great. Aaron is starting to look a little like the before pictures. If I can get him home, I'll cut his hair.

  3. It's just what it looks like--a baggie with water taped to the top of the door. Jen's right, maybe it works so well here because we don't have so many flies. All I know is that it does work here. And evidently it works in Cambria too.


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