Monday, August 31, 2009

Ben's Letters Home / Lloyd

Ben has finished up at the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts (PCPA) and this summer we enjoyed watching him as a “paid” actor in PCPA/Theaterfest productions of Les Misérables and the Music Man.

He was accepted into the theater program at Cal Berkley as a junior, and last Monday with the help of Ellen and Jason he moved into his new apartment. When I called Ben that night he was sitting on his apartment floor putting together the new furniture and wondering about classes.

The department told him to “come as you are, we’ll figure out classes when you arrive.” That’s because he had to audition for placement—everything in the performing arts is on demonstrated merit. No pressure! But PCPA gave him great preparation.

Judy’s home from Utah and has been on the phone daily with Ben working out all kinds of details and getting reports. I’ve felt restless for new adventure. Always happens when my kids leave for missions or start a new chapter in their lives.

Ben’s first play involvement may be an experimental musical, Dead Boys, a collaborative production between director/choreographer Joe Goode and composer Holcombe Waller. Ben says in one of his Facebook postings, “I don't think we're in Music Man country anymore, Toto.” Judging from the things I’ve seen on the internet by Goode and Waller, he’s correct. I have to say that after reading their bios, his parents are both excited and apprehensive about what Ben’s getting into.

Driving to see Ben perform at Berkley will be more of an adventure than going to Santa Maria or Solvang. Interesting, even after they’ve left home, new chapters and experiences in our children’s lives, both happy and sad, so intimately include us.

I would call the following, “Letters Home,” except they’re not letters but Facebook postings, and they weren’t sent specifically to us, his parents, but put out for all his Facebook friends. Though fairly public, we’re glad to get them. Many of Judy’s phone calls were to fill in the details. Thank you, Facebook.

Ben Abbott 's heart is full and bursting with goodbyes. Farewell friends, colleagues, mentors, and even places. Now five hours of sleep and throwing myself forward i.e.: moving to Berkeley. August 24 at 2:14am

Ben Abbott is all moved into Berkeley. Now he just needs to figure out all this school stuff before it starts tomorrow. August 25 at 10:35am

Ben Abbott just got handed a communist newspaper. Ah Berkeley. August 26 at 10:57am

Great Comment You might read it so you'll know what kind of answers your teachers wil be looking for. Sometimes it works... August 26 at 12:23pm

Ben Abbott had to audition to get into modern dance and he got in! I enjoyded a dance audition for once rather than feeling like I was drowning. Thank you PCPA! Couldn't have done it without you August 26 at 6:34pm

Ben Abbott auditioned and got into Advanced Acting. Yay! I love it at an audition when they say, "that was great. Do you happen to have any Shakespeare?" Thu at 6:56pm

Ben Abbott It's especially cool when you can say, "sure, how about some Coriolanus?" Thank you Patricia Troxel. Fri at 1:05am

Ben Abbott Is off to audition for "Dead Boys. a premiere freak folk musical by Joe Goode and composed by Holcombe Waller." I don't think we're in Music Man country anymore, Toto. Fri at 7:48pm

Ben Abbott got a callback! woot! Sat at 1:08am

Ben Abbott
It's called Dead Boys. It's billed as a premiere freaky folk musical. It's a new play, so I auditioned for the writer/director and the composer. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Sat at 1:20am

Ben Abbott I guess I had a good callback. I was called at 1:30 and he kept me there reading and singing until 5:45. Yesterday at 12:44am

Ben Abbott oh sunday afternoon naps, how I've missed you. Yesterday at 4:30pm

Ben Abbott ok, so wait...I get both Saturday and Sunday off...but I have to go to school on Monday?? Is that how this works? 4 hours ago
To keep current on Ben's school days and career just ask him to be a friend on Facebook. Tell him that his dad referred you.

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  1. Nikki's husband was involved in the art world and saw so many good kids leave the church because it was just too hard.

    I know it's possible though. I love your postings.

    I'll need to make sure to read more often.

    I'm glad I know about Joseph. I had just sent them an email about the Foremaster Association needing their new address.

    Judy's blog postings were so touching. I couldn't stop crying as I read. Barbara Shurtliff Madsen had a still born and I remember how hard that was for her.

    love you both!!!!


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