Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stent-free! / Judy

Last Friday, the doctor FINALLY removed my stent and I feel like a new woman. It's so wonderful to be pain-free and feel good again and actually be able to do stuff. Now, since I'm completely out of shape after three months of not moving, I need to start getting my act together and doing all kinds of things. Also, the house has suffered during my time of inactivity so maybe if I can clean it thoroughly I can get in shape at the same time.

Yesterday on Lloyd's day off we went again to the bay for lunch and then we saw the movie "Duplitiy" at the Bay Theater. It was a fun movie with lots of twists and turns, but surprisingly I didn't have trouble following it. 

P.S. I hope my sad experience has inspired everybody to up their intake of fluids!


  1. yay!! there's nothing like feeling good after NOT feeling good for a long time. it's euphoric.

  2. Yay! Congratulations mom! Now did the doctor say that there was anything you could do to prevent a repeat of this whole episode?

  3. Hooray! We are super excited for you! Good luck with the house cleaning.

  4. Very glad you feel better, Mom!


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