Monday, February 16, 2009

Full Disclosure / Lloyd

Dear Family & Friends, 

There was a time when I sent out weekly emails about various topics--often religious, but not for some time now. 

The change was motivated by the increasingly acrimonious, forwarded emails that we've been receiving and by our entry into moral politics regarding same-sex marriage. I realized that my own emails may not be so appreciated or inoffensive as I supposed even within our own family. 

I do have strong opinions about almost everything in directions that may surprise folks who thought they knew me. My perceptual framework is very much related to living with my father, who grew up in Philadelphia and whose parents were strong supporters of organized labor, to my education and life in major Eastern cities (Penn in Philadelphia, and Yeshiva in New York City), and to very personal professional experiences among the so-called marginal strata of society. I guess we must all come to grips with what makes us uniquely us. (I seem to be the only registered Democrat in the family, even among my own wife and children.) 

I have teamed up with Judy in authoring this blog: She Says, He Says. We promise two, very different perspectives, as you will see by reviewing past postings. This Blog format, opposed to sending emails, permits folks who have interest to come check us out without our being intrusive to them. Thanks so much to family and friends for your past, kind reception of my emails. 

We do hope you won't be shy in paying us a visit. Comments, especially opposing viewpoints, are always appreciated. 

Love, Lloyd

P.S. I'm especially fond of the two engaging frogs on our masthead.

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  1. Mom and Dad, I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for the messages that you post, the stories that you write about and for sharing your ideas, thoughts and recipes with me and my family. We love you oh so much and look forward to many happy blog reading times. Love, Megan Abbott


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