Thursday, January 29, 2009

Housework (gag) again / Judy

I seem to be doing all the blogging because Lloyd's been very busy lately. But he'll be back as soon as he can.

Since I've been sick, my house has deteriorated, as you can imagine. But I am still mostly able to do the five daily jobs: B, B, C, D, F (sounds like a bad report card, but actually a memory aid). B=beds, make every day; B=bathroom, give them a swish and swipe while you're in there getting ready; C=clutter, just the hot (and visible) spots; D=dishes, keep the sink cleaned out; F=floors, sweep daily. 

I have to admit I don't do all these things every day--it depends on how I'm feeling--but I try to wash the dishes every day and the other things at least every other day. So although my house is not as pristine as it could be, it's a heck of a lot better than it might be otherwise while I'm laid up.

Bottom line: if I can do this right now, everyone can do at least these things to improve the livability in their homes.

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  1. Here are my cleaning musts: D-diapers, everyone should be in clean diapers and dressed by at least noon. T&H-teeth and hair, everyone should have these brushed whether they need it or not. C-clothes, I hate dirty clothes on the floor. D-dishes, at least once every two days--we start running out of things then, although after the first day the counters are hard to get to.(Laugh, if you remember where this quote is from: " a pinch the shoe horn is optional") H-homework, everyday except glorious Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I sure we all have a list. Thanks for yours, Mom.


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