Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book, Movie and Gifts / Judy

the book

I just finished reading Twilight and although it was very good, much more detailed than the movie, I still preferred the movie. It was so visually stunning and emotionally powerful, that I didn't feel the same reading the book. Lloyd is reading it now and he says he likes it much better than the movie. He'll have to do his own post about it.

the movie

Last Monday we saw Australia. We liked it a lot, and it really was a grand, sweeping epic move. But there were some scenes where I could just hear the director saying, "We need this shot to project this idea." And it seems to me that the viewer shouldn't be able to tell that kind of stuff; it should be seamless and invisible. Kristen says probably most people wouldn't see that--that I see LOTS of movies. True. You all will have to see it too so we can compare. I do have to say that I was drooling over Hugh Jackman and his character alone made the movie worth seeing.

the gifts

In the paper today was a list of gifts that cracked me up. They were mostly for sci-fi fans and here are some of my favorites:

An R2-D2 Aquarium. A sleek, 20" tall replica of the droid with an aquarium in his middle section. It costs a mere $129.95 and the domed head rotates on spoken demand, there's a built-in periscope and LED lights change from red to blue to green.

Capt. Kirk's chair. A full-size replica of the captain's chair from the original Enterprise. It swivels, makes numerous sound effects, plays Kirk's entire opening-credit monologue and sells for $2,700. A bargain.

Battlestar Gallactica toaster. The sleek ebony $65 toaster burns words like "Cylon" into your toast.

Now, even though I am a big sci-fi fan, please don't give me any of these!


  1. You are so funny, Mom! How is the publishing of your book coming?

  2. I heard an NPR movie critic say that "Australia" it came with it's own sequel, and another said it's a mediocre exercise in tedium. If you liked it, I'd be willing to try it.

    Dom says: no home office is complete without the captain's chair.


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