Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Three Specific Movies & in General / Judy

twilight and movies in general

Anyone who knows us knows we like movies and we see as many as we can on Lloyd's day off. We like summertime blockbusters and holiday movies, but generally don't like the serious spring and fall (adult) movies that are usually rated R anyway. Yesterday we saw "Twilight"--again--and liked it just as much as we did the first time. It really is amazing and romantic and beautiful and we thought the acting was superb. I read that the director is not going to do the next movie because they want to get it out by the end of next year and she didn't think that was enough planning time.

four christmases

On Saturday I went by myself to see "Four Christmases" because I thought Lloyd probably wouldn't like it. I didn't like it much either. I know it's been the top movie for two weeks in a row, but I'm not sure why. Of course I really like both the stars and there are some very funny moments in it, but somehow extremely dysfunctional families are just not that humorous for me. I must be out of sync with the rest of the country (no surprise there) but I think sad families are just sad.

prince caspian

Then last night we saw "Prince Caspian" on DVD and really liked it. We kept commenting that the situation in the kingdom appeared to be right out of the Book of Mormon, (not the talking animals, minotaurs or dancing trees part of the movie.)

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  1. Mom, you make me laugh! Of course, minotaurs would really enhance the war chapters, and who wouldn't like dancing trees in the wilderness?


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