Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yay for Rain, Flossing and 3-D / Judy

first real rain in nearly 8 months -- lovely

It rained today, a real rain, the first one since last April. Hopefully, now the fire threat will diminish.

winning battles with dental floss

Also, I went to the dentist today and I was actually happy to go because for the past six months I've been flossing every day, unlike previous times when I only floss two weeks before my appointment. It's amazing the difference it made in my gums (I'm at the age when I'm interested in my gums).

And the hygienist said that flossing helps all kinds of other problems too from diabetes to heart disease. She says some doctors hold up a piece of floss and tell their patients it's one of the best tools to prevent heart disease. Who knew? I told her that to get myself motivated to floss all the time, I picture a mean-looking leprechaun and call him Perry O'Donnell-and every night I do battle with Perry O'Donnell. So far I'm winning.

3-D, an eye opener

Last night Lloyd and I went to see "Bolt" in 3-D. It was great and I'll see almost anything in 3-D. I'm convinced it's the first step to the Holosuite because almost all the previews of shows from Disney are going to be in 3-D too; it's only a matter of time. I wonder what it says that the last two movies we've seen at the theater are animated ones?

a word from our sponsor - keeping perspective

One last thing: we had our Primary program on Sunday too and there was one little girl, probably about 5 years old, with blond curls, who sang louder than anyone. She was great; she knew all the words and sang her heart out. Then when it was time for her speaking part, she said, "...and I know Jesus will come again and rule in the  M E N E L I U M."


  1. For 35 years I have used a Gripit Floss Holder - www.gripit.biz - for fast simple flossing. I sure hope my healthy mouth keeps me free from heart problems.

  2. Sammy's dentist once reprimanded me for not flossing his teeth. Now Sammy insists on it. Because of his example, both Benjamin and Elisa want to get flossed. Occasionally I'll even floss my own teeth. Who knew the extent of that example.


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